Oral Appliance Therapy


Oral appliance therapy is a great treatment modality for those who snore or have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). We make a custom fit oral appliance to help alleviate restlessness, snoring and revitalize your sleep and overall health. Worn while sleeping, an oral appliance is similar to a sports guard but is supported by the upper (teeth or ridge) and lower teeth. The upper and lower appliances maintain your jaw in a slightly opened and protruded position to help maintain an open airway and increase the volumetric area for one to breath more efficiently.

Oral appliance therapy is second to CPAP therapy mainly because physcians are not equipped to make custom oral appliances but also they prescribe CPAP machines. If the patient becomes intolerant or non compliant to CPAP, they would typically recommend their second line therapy of a custom oral appliance. There are studies out that say OAT is and could be first line therapy for the treatment of OSA.


Advantages of Oral appliance therapy

Does not limit movement during sleep

Comfortable and Quiet

Easy to wear

Portable and easy to travel with

Easy to care for and clean


Does this look comfortable?

CPAP has a low acceptance rate.


One of the largest complaints with CPAP therapy does work for most people who tolerate it. Majority of people who attempt CPAP do not continue with treatment and do nothing. An oral appliance gives these people another, more comfortable option. Disadvantages of CPAP include mask leaks or inability to get the mask to fit properly, discomfort or aversion to mask and device, inability to fall asleep or interrupted sleep due to the presence of the device, noise from the device disturbing sleep or bed partner’s sleep, CPAP does not seem to be effective, pressure on the upper lip causes tooth related problems, latex allergy, claustrophobic associations or the unconscious need to remove the CPAP at night.